10 Oct 2015
October 10, 2015

Can I stay overnight at the Great Barrier Reef?

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It would be so exciting if you good sleep out at the Great Barrier Reef.  Guess what, you can in the Whitsundays!

There are two options to sleeping out at the Great Barrier Reef.  The first option is to have your own private cabin on the pontoon and it has a king bed with its own port holes. A lovely way to wake up in the morning. The second option is to sleep under the stars in a swag on the pontoon deck. A bit like camping but we will call it ‘glamping’, just a little bit more glamorous with a few modern facilities. Children must be over 12 years of age for families to stay.

The day starts with the normal day tour to the Great Barrier Reef departing at 8am.  You will travel via Hamilton Island where the boats stops to collect more guests. Once on your way you will enjoy morning tea and the staff provide commentary on the days activities and extra activities like diving, helicopter flights, guided snorkel tours with a marine biologist, massage and photographs. Lunch is served on the boat after 11.30am.

At 2.30pm, you will wave good bye to the boat as it heads back to the mainland.

The guests that have booked to sleep on the pontoon in the private cabin or swags, will stay behind with the staff.  Afternoon tea will soon be served and you can get acquainted with the other guests as well as enjoy more time to snorkel (under staff guidance).

In the evening, enjoy a BBQ dinner and the underwater world with the lights on from the underwater viewing chamber. On a calm night you can see the lights back on the mainland.

Breakfast is served in the morning, maybe there is time for another quick snorkel before the day boat arrives. I remember my time at the pontoon and I thought, nooooooo – I don’t wish to share my haven with everyone else!

Enjoy the days activities once again and at 2.30pm it is time to head back to the mainland arriving back at approximately 6pm.

Contact bookings@airliebeachonline.com.au to book your Reefsleep tour.  It is one item to add to your bucket list!