Airport Transfers – Ferry – Hamilton Island

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Cruise Whitsundays is the provider of the daily airport transfers and can be booked online at   or call 1800 426 403.

The ferry departs from / to Port of Airlie (POA ) Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island Airport (HTIA) on Hamilton Island.

Arriving at Hamilton Island Airport;

  • When you arrive at Hamilton Island Airport (HTIA), make your way to the luggage claim area.
  • Cruise Whitsundays (1800 426 403) has a check in counter in this area and you can purchase your tickets direct, for the connecting ferry to the Port of Airlie- Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour, Daydream Island.
  • It is a short 100mtr walk from the luggage claim area to the ferry departure point and the porters will take care of your luggage.

****Assist your accommodation property by informing them of your arrival details.  You might just be able to check in early, if they know what time you will arrive!

Arriving at the Port of Airlie cruise terminal:

  • A taxi (131008) to the local accommodation properties will cost approximately $10.00 -15.00, depending on time of day & distance to travel.  This is a guide only.
  • Wanting a private transfer, please email or call during business hours to book this service.

Departing the Port of Airlie cruise terminal;

  • A taxi will be required to take you to the ferry terminal as this is the only service available.  You need to check in 30 minutes prior to departing the Port of Airlie cruise terminal.
  • Virgin Australia has flights direct from Sydney and Brisbane
  • Qantas has direct flights from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
  • Departure times are as per timetable
  • Arrival times are as per timetable
    * All flights are subject to arrival/departure times with Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Qantas


  • Go to Cruise Whitsundays website for an up to date ferry timetable.  It is a guide only of the timetable for ‘Cruise Whitsundays’ ferries, for all flights arriving and departing from Hamilton Island Airport and marina to the Port of Airlie.
  • Port of Airlie (POA) is the new ferry terminal in Airlie Beach.


Ferry transfers to / from;

  • Port of Airlie (POA) at Airlie Beach,
  • Shute Harbour – limited services
  • Daydream Island.
  • (Long Island is closed from 2015).
  • Luggage transfers

Price 1st April, 2016 – 31st March, 2017

RRP – $52.00 per person one way

Everyone 4 years and over pay the same one way fee on the ferry transfer Hamilton Island Airport to the mainland, Port of Airlie at Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour or Daydream Island

(Long Island – currently closed).

Day transfers to the Hamilton Island Marina are a separate charge at $61.00 per adult, $38.00 per child (4-14yrs inclusive)

Call Cruise Whitsundays on 1800 426 403 for bookings


Check in is 30minutes prior to departure.

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