Terms & Conditions


  • Tour itinerary may change due to tides and weather conditions.
  • All travellers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult.


  • A 20% deposit is required at time of booking along with the authority to pass on your credit card details to the operator of the tour as security for the balance owing on the service being supplied.
  • ┬áSome operators will charge a surcharge(between 1.5 % & 2.5%) on the balance remaining if payment is made by VISA or MasterCard
  • American Express is not a preferred form of payment and a surcharge of 4% will apply.
  • Diners is not accepted.


  • As each individual tour operator has their own cancellation policy, you will be advised at the time of booking of their cancellation policy followed by a confirmation email letter that states their cancellation policy pertaining to the tour booking.
  • ┬áTo support the tour operators and to ensure you respect our service commitment, if the tour operator is happy to offer a refund, Airlie Beach Online will also refund your initial 20% deposit less an administration fee of $40.00. If the amount is less than $40.00 no refund will be issued.


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